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Achieving greatness in sports


Achieving greatness in sports: Achieving greatness in sports is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is one of the most difficult dreams and not everyone can get success through sports. Athletes go through a lot of rough situations, a lot of pain, but still, they have a smile on their faces because they are proud of what they are doing. Every day they go through a lot of pain, they sacrifice a lot. They could hardly spend time with their family, friends, and others they are much-connected to. To achieve greatness in life they have to go through a lot. This is the reason athletes are being respected a lot.

Achieving greatness in sports

Through sport one can understand the true meaning of life. Athletes need to be motivated because it is not easy to get back after doing the hardest training day in and day out. They are always being knocked down whether it’s physically or mentally. When people are complaining about how hot and humid is the weather but they still train in that weather. When people complain about how rainy the day is they still train in the rain. When the weather is cold when most of them are under the blanket, athletes are somewhere completing their 10kms run. Why do athletes train? why do they have a proper diet? Because they know that doing what everyone does will not help them in reaching their goal.

Success is a lonely road. There would be hardly any friend. The only thing that would be there is your soul. This is such a path that even the bravest soul once gets scared. For example, out of 100, 90 are just contenders, 10 are the ones who really want to achieve their goals. So we must ignore the coward, this isn’t going to do anything good in life. This is the reason why athletes don’t talk much. They know spending time with cowards will hamper them. Cowards are the ones who demotivate. This is the reason why successful athletes have less number of friends.

The real struggle for athletes

Achieving greatness in sports is not about genetics. It is something deep desire that an athlete would do whatever it takes to achieve their goal no matter how many times they get knocked down. Why athletes are being taken as an example of motivation because each time they fall down even with the hardest knockdown in their life they get back up an start working towards their dream. So don’t be jealous of why they have big houses, so many cars, spending vacations in lavishing hotels. Nobody has gifted them anything, they have got these with hard work, with consistency, and discipline.

Why are you concerned about anyone else when you have the caliber inside you to achieve what you wish for. You have got all the capabilities that you are looking for. In order to achieve greatness, keep your vision clear and your eyes focused on your goal. Let everyone else wonder what you are doing with your life. You have got to take those setbacks and those defeats in order to come out clean and fresh once again. Remember the rainbow, it will not come out when the sun will shine rather it will come when there is rain. That’s what light wants from you, come out when there is struggle and setbacks and create a better version of yourself.



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