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All about WhatsApp gold and WhatsApp status download


All about WhatsApp gold and WhatsApp status download: Whatsapp is the most famous online messaging platform in the world. Through WhatsApp, one can send messages, download Whatsapp status, do voice calls, share live location, do video calls, etc. This app is very convenient to use. WhatsApp users can also use their account on the computer as long as the computer and mobile are connected through the internet.  It has over 1.5 billion users and it has also become the primary source of communication in India, USA, NEPAL, and European countries. The Whatsapp Gold has been the talk over the years.

Whatsapp Gold
Whatsapp Gold

WhatsApp Business App

Though, Whatsapp launched its business app known as WhatsApp business for the business owners. It works in only a few countries like the USA, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and Uk. Whatsapp business app was introduced keeping in mind of the small businesses. It is a free app which will help in communicating between business owner and customers. The app also has a system of verifying business accounts. The verified accounts are marked as a green checkmark. It is available only in the android platform. Can also be used as a smart messaging tool that offers similar technology that we can find in Facebook messenger. It offers quick replies and provides a fast answer to a customer’s question. They can also block or report a scam.

Whatsapp gold

There was a time when Whatsapp gold was getting viral. It was actually a fake message which was being forwarded to almost every WhatsApp user. The scam was in the form of a virus. Initially, when WhatsApp was started, there was no option for voice calling and video calling. In this viral message of WhatsApp gold, it showed that one can do video calling as a new update in WhatsApp messenger but it was actually a hoax. This scam turned out to be fake and users should be careful from these types of message. One should only update WhatsApp through google app store and ios app store.

WhatsApp status download

After the huge success of WhatsApp, they started to give a unique feature as Whatsapp status. One could see friend’s images and videos but only a few know how to download it.

Steps to download WhatsApp status of anyone:

  • Turn on mobile data or wifi and open the WhatsApp account.
  • Go to Settings and Then Show Hidden Files.
  • Then open your File Manager
  • Then navigate to Folder: WhatsApp -> Media -> statuses.
  • There we can see all your WhatsApp contact’s Status.
  • Simply Copy/Move that File and send it to another folder.



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