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Born to a Gurjar family in Faridabad in the year 1994 on 7th septemeber.The same month in the year 2018 on 12th september,he completed 10 million subscribers on youtube.Amit lost his father when he was a teenager.He was born and brought up by his uncle and aunt.They took good care of him and made him study,but Amit has different plans for life where he didnot see his scope in studies and he knew his dream and ambition where he should work at and not waste his time in studying which was not his interest. 


Amit was not so good in studies and it was well known by family members too. He somehow had to listen to his uncle and aunt to study more. Deep down he knew that studies were not his cup of tea and he could not bear it any longer. Losing his father early he was the high hope for the family and what they knew was that studying is the only solution to their financial problems.His family’s high hopes where in him as they wanted him to study hard and help his family financially after his father was no more and he had a sister who was to get married and mother to be taken care of.


Amit was not that good in studies as he himself stated that he never wanted to study at school and always made his friends laugh during school hours.Teachers have even warned his uncle to not send him to school because he didnot seem to be a studios kid at all.After all,Amit had been grabbing interest on youtube and he started making contents where he dubbed his voices in some videos.Hopes were shattered when he came to know that all the content had been deleted by youtube because of copyright claim. Amit never knew his glittering start will lead him to this situation.But it is said if a person has interest in something,he never fails to try and achieve it no matter what might come and so was Amit’s interest.He decided to come as a viner on youtube and start with fresh content shot by himself.He started making funny videos on youtube and so from then and there his career started on youtube and so his earning which makes him INDIA’S most successful youtuber.His video”BHAI BEHEN KI SCHOOL LIFE” even crossed 100million views on youtube.


As it is known to everyone,youtube has some Rules and Regulations in which it is written that no youtuber shall reveal their net income to anyone.Because of this the youtubers to the media tells that what they are able to purchase with their one month income.Amit Bhadana says that he is able to purchase the new version of swift dezire and it costs around 6.6 lac in Indian rupee.It is clear that he is earning good rather huge amount monthly from Youtube. From nowhere to famous everywhere Bhadana has proved why dreams should never be given up.


In the new song of Amit Bhadana,he has boasted out everything which made him sad and times when he felt like no one is true to him and the ones who ditched him being his priority. He through his rap along with IKKA has made his fans witness the Behind The Scenes of his life journey where he had to bear every pain alone and used to cry in his room because life was not at all favouring his needs.His mother used to work day in and day out and his sister was to get married when the financial condition of their family was not good. He has shown how some of his youtuber friends ditched him at the YOUTUBE FAN FEST where he could not go the last year in 2018.But he promised that he will come to the fest this year for his die hard fans.

He rarely goes out to party and to meet new people in the industry because he prefers work over everything and doesnot want to give preference to other things which he is not used to. He and his team are very much hardworking and also very true to each other.His content is family based and is full of laughter and fun. Speaking the hariyanvi language,he sounds very funny and true at heart with no grudge for anyone.


AMIT BHADANA, is now an inspiration to millions of teens who watch his videos not because he is having a youtube channel but he never gave up on his dreams and never lost his hopes.Apart from the copyright claim,nothing could stop him from his goal and he himself came on his channel as a viner and is now a youtube sensation. He shows everyone that with the blessings of family and elders one can achieve anything and everything because god also help those who help themselves.He shows that if hard work was the only thing that made u successful and not the people then you know which is the first priority of yours.He has made everyone believe that born poor is not one’s mistake but dying poor is.God gives us challenges which makes life more interesting and adventurous.God will show you the path and you just need to believe in his path and the rest will all FALL IN PLACE.



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