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Anushka Sharma takes down all the lies against her- Bollywood applauds


Anushka Sharma takes down all the lies against her- Bollywood applauds: The Bollywood sensation and wife of the Indian captain Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma today burst out on the social media where she took down all the lies by clarifying the statement. She was silent for a few days but could not handle her patience and so she posted on social media slamming the comment made by Farokh Engineer that she was served “TEA” by the selectors during her visit to the World Cup. Her bold attitude was applauded by Bollywood celebrities and her fans who knew that she drinks coffee and not tea.

Virat and Anuskha Sharma in China
Virat and Anuskha Sharma in China

With Anushka Sharma posting on social media where she slammed the comments made on her, the message said:

“I have stayed quiet through all the times. Blamed for the performance of my then-boyfriend, now-husband Virat and continue to take the blame for the most baseless things including Indian cricket. I kept quiet then. My name has been used in fabricated stories claiming that I am part of closed-door team meetings and influenced selection processes and I have kept silent. my name has been wrongfully used to say how I have been given preferential treatment on how I have overstayed my authorized time with my husband on foreign tours which if anyone really cared about finding fats from the board, would know that I have always followed protocol but yet”.

Anuskha Sharma takes Down the Lies

“It’s not like this last piece of “news” has upset me more and that’s why I have decided to break my silence. They have all been as regressive and malicious and horrible and vicious. So don’t take this letter as my retort to this “news”. Today I have decided to speak up because someone’s silence cannot be taken as their weakness. I am not and will not be a pawn to be used by anyone’s thoughts or beliefs or agendas. Next time you want to use my name to discredit someone or the board, or my husband, do it with facts and proofs and leave me OUT of it.

I have led my life, build my career with the utmost dignity. I am not going to compromise that for anything. Maybe, it’s hard for some to believe that, because, I am a self-made, independent woman who only happens to be the wife of a Cricketer”.

Her last sentence, “AND FOR THE RECORD, I DRINK COFFEE” has been the biggest proof.

Bollywood celebrities applaud Anuskha Sharma

  • Ranveer Singh: “Hahaha!! Hard Diyela hai”.
  • Badshah: “Truth has become about convenience”.
  • Parineeti Chopra: “Love you Anushka, and Coffee>Tea”.
  • Arjun Kapoor: “She hit’s it out of the park. Massive strike, huge hit. It’s outta here!!”.

Just like her bold attitude, nobody should stay quiet over any false controversy in the person’s name. Everybody should prove themselves rather than staying quiet. Anushka Sharma was applauded by ones who know that she has very little time to go to watch matches. So how come she can sit with the selectors during the selection meetings? People blaming her should come up with proofs rather than just a sentence that can create so much controversy.



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