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IPL 2020- BCCI plans to implement new rules in IPL match


IPL 2020- BCCI plans to implement new rules in IPL match: The BCCI is planning to implement the new rule in the next edition of the IPL. After the IPL auction, the plans are to allow all the teams to substitute any of the players out of the 15-member squad in the IPL match which will be submitted in place of the 11-member squad. As this rule has been passed and has been implemented in the International cricket, BCCI is set to plan for this rule which according to them excite the fans and make the IPL 2020 bigger, better and more entertaining.

IPL Auction
IPL Auction

While we are looking to introduce it in IPL 2020. We will try the concept first in the upcoming Mushtaq Ali Trophy. Could be the ideal way forward,” a BCCI official said.

How the idea will change the IPL match

The change in the rule in IPL match will bring more entertainment and add more excitement to the game. Just like you need ten runs of the final over and Jasprit Bumrah has a minor injury, but if you name him in the 15-member squad, you can ask him whether he is able to bowl the final over and win the match for his team. This will create shock and excitement simultaneously and the entertainment would be at its peak.

Just like if AB De Villers is having a pain in his thumb and is rested. He gets fit in between the match when his team is in a crucial position. You can ask him to bat and lead his team to the victory. Only if he is named in the 15-member squad. IPL match is all about excitement but this rule will add more excitement and suspense in the minds of the fans.

The concept will create new strategies as at any point in time, the batsman or the bowler can be substituted. This will also increase the power of making strategies and also will help players learn how to handle any situation. Earlier, players had to make plans according to the 11-men side and now it will be a 15-men side. So the strategies have to be made keeping in mind of all the 15 players whose names have been submitted.

Reviewing the IPL 2019

Apart from this rule in IPL 2020, the members will also review the IPL 2019. The board is set to make this league bigger, better and more thrilling in the coming season. So, they will review the pros and the cons of the IPL 2019.



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