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Best Rhymes.


Best Rhymes.

Rhymes are always energetic and very appealing. It is the rhyme of the same word in the next line that makes a beautiful rhyme and people enjoy it through. Let’s present some rhymes on success, missing the gone one’s, friendship and soldiers. 



Don’t let them stop you,

Goal be the same and not new.

Motivate yourself to shine,

Don’t worry things will be fine.

Work hard to shine like a star,

One step near and never far.

Let your mind be at peace, 

Let your maturity increase, 

Let your smile be the best, 

Let life take your test, 

Put your hand on your chest, 

Promise yourself to work harder, 

leaving behind the rest. 



The ones gone will never come back, 

Their smile is what will lack,

Try hard and move on, 

Their memories are never gone. 

They are with you from above, 

Showering you with lots of love. 

All they want is you to smile, 

Be kind and true to everyone, 

Smile big, grudge with no one. 

Because you bring smile not tears, 

For you the obstacle clears. 

Keep your eye on the way, 
in he end proudly you say, 

I did it because I didnot give up

My dreamt is what I lived up.





I wish your face always glows

I wish you are always in a flow

I wish you always fly

With your dreams like an open sky

Carry your hardwork and never cry

Happy friendship day to you

Since childhood, this friendship grew

U are a gem we dont wanna lose

You are our fool whom no one would choose

We love you always and ever

May this friendship continues forever. 






Before i go to the war zone

i might not talk again on phone

Call me up and hear my tone

Donot cry and call me home

Because a soldier serves and dies 
Tears will roll down your eyes

I am a soldier to fight

Whether it’s day or night

You never know where destiny takes

A small pond to big lakes

You gotta learn and grow

Negativity is what you need to throw

Everything has a different speed

In life we help ourselves to lead

Eveyone has got to live

It’s not what you take but what you give

Try to gain happiness 
Removes every inch of sadness. 

I am soldier to die

My motherland’s lap is where I lie. 




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