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Biggest payment proof of Vigo video with just one video


Biggest payment proof of Vigo video with just one video: The app Vigo video (formerly Hypster) is now one of the leading apps in the world. Vigo Video has gained many users and the revenue which the ByteDance company is earning over the years is very high. In this, we will show you how we earned more than Rs 2500 just by posting one video along with the payment and video proof as to how we gained so many followers, over 60000 likes and 1000+ comments. It is not so that one will also earn this much with just one video but all that we had was luck and we earned Rs2500+ overnight.

Biggest payment proof of Vigo video with just one video

Flmes and followers proof of Vigo video.

Vigo video is an app formed by the ByteDance company that also owns Tiktok. The revenue of the company is increasing day by day as it has grabbed many users over the years and it’s still counting.

A video was uploaded on Vigo video by us just for fun. We had no idea about the app. We posted the video and did not open it again. Ont the next day, the notification was full of likes, comments, and shares as our video touched one million views in one day along with 40000+ likes and over 600+ comments followed by 8000+ likes.

We then looked for the flames as to how much did we get and were shocked to see 2449+ flames just on one day and with one video we earned more than Rs 3,000 from Vigo video with Rs2240 in just one day. What we believed then was that Vigo is going to pay like this every time you post a video. But that was not true as we had 0 flames for the next four videos and there we stopped Vigo video because that was all luck that we could get flames and earn this much from Vigo video.

Payment proof of Vigo video.

We were able to gain 20,000 followers with 11,000 followers on day one on Vigo video. We kept on gaining flames from that single video for about ten days. Soon after this, we stopped Vigo video, but we learned that it just takes on the video to gain everything on apps byByteDance.

But to be very honest, we learned that we should never depend on luck, rather we should work hard and earn success. Success will never come overnight rather you will have to work harder to achieve it.


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