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Every person has their goals and ambitions ad so did Ravi had, a 13 year old boy from a small town in Kolkata. Born to a poor family, Ravi couldnot afford to player cricket by joining any academy and he always watched kids play in the academies and never got bored. He sat for hours at the academy’s pavilion and watched how they worked on their dream. Ravi was very passionate towards this game and used to play his heart out whenever he got a chance. Everytime he was criticised that this sport is not for poor people, he replied with  DREAM IS NEVER OVER”.

Dream to reality.




Being a son of a milk seller, Ravi had to sell milk in his father’s bicycle to every nearby houses where he was asked to sell milk. He was very disciplined towards his work and was very punctual even at selling milk. He used to sing songs and move around the galis of Kolkata and enjoy every bit of his life with a smile. He was very charming and was liked by each and everyone who used to buy milk from him. If someday Ravi couldnot come to sell milk, people used to ask his father whether Ravi was fine or not. This made this little boy very famous in the locality .

Choose your way.




Walking into the ground and sitting at the pavillion watching kids gear up for the practice, Ravi couldnot stop himself from walking into the ground and asking for some tips from the coaches. He was so sharp from mind that he knew no one would give him tips by looking at his condition so he decided to run around the boundary ropes for as long as he could in the scorching heat where the temperature crossed 44 degrees. Ravi continued to run until someone notices him and calls him. finally after 15 mins of non stop running a kid’s father noticed him and called him. He asked “what are you doing here running in this heat?”. Ravi replied “because no one notices someone who is poor and is not dressed up well”. The uncle was very inspired by his dedication and so he took him to the coach and said “Here’s a new member in our cricket academy”. Ravi couldnot stop his tears and he hugged uncle and said “you are no less than God”. Uncle replied”If someone dreams something the dream is never over until he receives what he dreamt of”.

Important meeting.


Ravi used to wake up at 4:30 a.m in the morning and used to deliver milk till 5:30 and reached ground at 6:00 a.m. As usual he used to run for around 15 minutes and then started to improve his skills thereafter. The coaches were very impressed by the hardwork he put in as compared to other players. He used to practice till 2 p.m until and unless he was satisfied with his batting, bowling and fielding.

Hard work and Dedication.



About three months from joining the academy, Ravi got selected to represent his club in a tournament which was oranised by a sheikh of Dubai who was very fond of cricket and he sponsored one child every year to a trip to the UNITED KINGDOM for a month who becomes the man of the tournament. It was a great opportunity for Ravi to outshine every boy by putting his hardwork into action. The only word that was in everyone’s mind at the end of the tournament was that when the sheikh said “Ravi’s future is bright as the sun’s rays” and his teammates took him on their shoulder and Ravi was handed over with a check of 5,00,000 lac rupees and a trophy of man of the tournament where he scored 560 runs in 7 matches at an average of 93.65 and took 14 wickets as well.

Massive Success.




Usually the sheikh offered two people to the trip, one to the winner and one from his family, but looking at Ravi’s dedication, he offered his whole family to the trip so that they could enjoy the success of Ravi. The sheikh also gave him a contract of county cricket at the UK. For Ravi the only words that kept him going were “DREAM IS NEVER OVER UNTIL CONQUERED “.

London trip.





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