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Earnings of tiktok stars- How do they make money


Earnings of tiktok stars- How do they make money: TIKTOK has become a sensational growing app in India and also worldwide. Despite going deep into the videos where people have no sense of what they are shooting in those 15 or 60 seconds. We are here to share to income of those tiktok stars who are literally earing a good sum with their talent at such a small age which is obviously great. But tiktok has been the biggest example that money can make you do anything just like some people or even a majority who post senseless videos just for money. The earning of tiktok stars is shared with a brief description.

Earnings of tiktok stars- How do they make money

The stars on tiktok make money through different ways after gaining a good amount of followers on tiktok so that they can gain the same number of followers on any handle they sign in or enter into.

Tiktok stars’ earning from Instagram.

Though it is known by many that the main income for the tiktok stars comes from their reach on Instagram and their followers. They are mostly mailed for promoting products and collaborations. With this, they earn a good sum. Collaborations on Instagram generally lie between INR 15000 to 25000 if it a good and well-known brand and it may even go to a bigger sum if the owner of the Instagram handle has gained a good number of followers and has a good reach.

Tiktok stars’ earning from songs promotion.

The Tiktok stars even get paid for promoting any song by making a clip of 15 to 30 seconds on their tiktok handle and with this, they get paid a good sum of money which is obviously sufficient for them. the song promotions are done on tiktok because the owner or the producers of the song knows that this app has a reach of over 500 million people and so he can make a whole lot of income by promoting his song through tiktokers who have more than a million followers on Tiktok.

Tiktok stars on youtube

Many of us are aware of the fact that people on tiktok who have a good number of followers end up coming on youtube and become more active on Instagram. It is clear that there is more earning on youtube and Instagram than in tiktok. It is to gain a good amount of fans and give them your youtube channel and Instagram handle so that you can earn which youtube videos you post on your channel.

Tiktok stars in songs

We have been seeing this for a long that tiktok stars are now sifting to a step further in Bollywood as they are now shooting for as many songs as they can. With Ramji Gulati, the producer of United While Flag is topping the list of hiring tiktok stars to feature them in his songs. Many of them are seen in many songs that are being produced by different producers and both are satisfied with their work and earnings through this.

The founder of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming who owns tiktok was recently crowned the world’s most valuable startup. With over 500 million views the company’s revenue for 2018 stod at $7 bilion.


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