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Hero Honda Splendor and Hero Honda CD 100- Two cheap and best bikes for commuters


Hero Honda Splendor and Hero Honda CD 100- Two cheap and best bikes for commuters: Hero Honda started its production in 1984. When India’s cycle company Hero and Japan’s automobile company Honda merged in India to produce bikes in India. Before 1984 company like Royal Enfield, Jawa, and Rajdoot were leading in the market. These bikes were highly expensive,  and give poor mileage. India is a place where they think about mileage rather than speed. They are happy commuting 40kmph per hour. Keeping that in mind Hero and Hondo started its production. With the production of these two bikes namely Hero Honda splendor and Hero Honda CD 100, it changed the whole motorcycle market in India and helped people who have to travel much but couldn’t afford expensive bikes.

Hero Honda Splendor and Hero Honda CD 100- Two cheap and best bikes for commuters

Hero Honda

 In 1984 Hero Honda produced its first bike Hero Honda CD 100. CD 100 was an instant hit both in villages and cities. The bike was very reliable. It was a 97 cc single cylinder. The bike had all the elements that are needed for a commuter. This bike has a special place in the hearts of millions of Indians. It produced 7.5 bhp @8000rpm and peak torque of 7.16 @5000 rpm. CD 100 was mated 4-speed gearbox and returned a mileage of 80kmpl which was the highest during that time.

The bike’s famous slogan “Shut it and Fill it” was given because it had a tank range of 750 plus km. It had 100 rear and front brakes at the drum. The front suspension was equipped with Telescopic hydraulic fork and the rear suspension was equipped with the swing arm and hydraulic dampers. The ground clearance was 135 mm and a tank capacity of 10.1 litres.

Another bike that won the hearts of Million was Hero Honda Splendor. In 1994 Hero Honda Splendor became the successor of Hero Honda CD 100. The bike’s look was inspired by Honda CB25O RS. Splendor is one of the most selling bikes in India. The engine was 97 cc single-cylinder OHC technology air cool engine. The bike had a maximum power of 7.4 BHP @ 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 7.2 RPM @ 5000 RPM. The bike was mated with a 4-speed gearbox.

The bike was heavy as it had a weight of 116 kilogram which was the heaviest in its segment. It returned with unbelievable mileage of 77kmpl. It had a tank of 12 litres which means when the tank is full, it can go up to 850km which was unbelievable. The bike was very reliable. It had a top speed of over 90kmph. It was known for its solid build and high fuel efficiency. The suspension was the same as the CD100.

India was lucky to get this two motorcycle as it reduced the cost spent to purchase bikes with good mileage. The bike was highly efficient and reliable and most importantly it had low maintenance cost even after so many years we could see these bikes on road. Truly Hero Honda Splendor and Hero Honda CD 100 revolutionized the cult of motorcycles in India


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