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How to stay positive?


 How to stay positive?- Life is just like newton’s law i.e, “to every action there is always equal and opposite reaction”. The great personalities of this world didn’t have exceptional talent or experience. All they did was live by a single maxim; ‘What stands in my way becomes the way’. Manage your perceptions. Recognize when you can change things. Direct your actions and learn to turn every obstacle to your advantage. in order to stay positive, one must learn how to remove negative thoughts from their mind so that there is ample of space for positive thought to enter into their mind. One can never learn how to stay positive, rather this habit is inculcated from within and it needs no one to spoon feed you and generate this habit in you. Positive attitude comes when we are ready to fail because we are willing to try. It is said that “The biggest risk is not taking any risk”. Learning from your failure is the biggest learning of all.

How to stay positive?

    ‘”The impediment to action advances action”. What stands in my way becomes my motivation. Let my action create a ripple effect and create impossible into possible and turn negative into positive. If you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable, you forfeit greatness. If you don’t risk failure you have no shot at being the greatest of all. Motivation comes from within, a deep desire that even if I fail I won’t stop till I achieve my dreams. If it was easy everyone would have done it. If you don’t risk them laughing at your failure, you have no shot at them clapping for you. Well, being motivated hurts but, you to start thinking about what can go right and stop thinking what can go wrong because every question is a double edge sword. Motivation is one of the easiest things in the world because, for that, a person need not learn about Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Everyone fails in their life but only a few get up because the ones who fail are emotional and emotions are the biggest reason for failure. Being emotional during failure is something that destroys a person’s willingness to achieve his dream. Human beings are naturally negative rather than positive by nature so to stay motivated, first a person needs to control his emotions.

Whenever people are down in their life they must seek an example of Shark. Shark is of such a motivation that if it stops swimming, it will die, if it goes back, it dies. So think like a shark act like a shark and keep moving forward like a shark. Today more than 60% in the world are fighting depression and failure. What has gone wrong with our society is that it is creating a weak inapposite reaction. So when life hit us hard, motivate and pick yourself up and move forward in order to work so hard that even life or any other obstacle would be scared to knock you down. We must never let us down in any situation we have to keep working hard with a smile on our face. A person should be positive and smile even when he has faced the greatest setback.

This defines a person’s character and the positive attitude he has that and how mentally strong that individual is. Everyone should wonder why you are smiling after failure. Happiness is the key to motivation, we don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just have faith, take the first step and keep moving forward. That’s a positive attitude.


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