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Mohammed Shami- The Biryani Secret


Mohammed Shami-The Biryani Secret: The most lethal bowler of the Indian Cricket Team Mohammed Shami with the biryani secret has done it once again by breaking and shattering the stumps against South Africa. He has already marked his name in the list of breaking a stump when he first did it to Alastair Cook against England. Twitter and the whole Social Media has gone will on this. He not only broke a stump but registered a five-wicket haul to win the game for India and also provided justice to Rohit Sharma‘s maiden test as an opener. The Indian Cricket Team has been supporting shami in every aspect and helped him focus on cricket and on the other hand, Rohit Sharma has been busy at the conference revealing The Biryani Secret of Mohammed Shami.

Mohammed Shami- The Biryani Secret

Mohammed Shami not only broke a stump but he also shattered the stumps of the batsmen four out of five times. He did not let the south African batsman search for gaps and score runs rather the ball kept low sometimes which made them fight to settle to match for a draw. His five wickets haul has helped India win the tets match comprehensively.

Social Midea went viral over Mohammed Shami‘s connection with breaking stumps and they wanted his wife to have a look at the success he is gaining day by day even after he is in constant connection with the police. He has been working hard on his pace which helped him get a hat-trick in the World Cup and now a fifer in the test championship.

From former players to the recent ones, all have been praising Shami for being the backbone of India’s pace bowling attack and help team India in every way he could. Despite the fact that Shami has been in constant police custody because of the cases filed by his wife, he has never let his personal life mix with his professional life and that’s what we all should learn.

Now popular as the stump destroyer, Mohammed Shami will remain the first choice for the selectors because of his dedication and results for team India over the years.

Rohit Sharma, when asked about the success Mohammed Shami has been gaining over the past few months said, “We all know what Shami can do when he is fresh, (pause) along with some Biryani“.

Virat Kohli said that Mohammed Shami has always delivered when the team needed him and the fifer was not just about five wickets but about how he kept on picking up wickets and not letting any batsman settle on the pitch or spend some time in the middle.

If Biryani can do wonders like these, we prefer all the players to have some every day and stay fresh to deliver the best they could like in this match.


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