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Most haunted places in Kolkata- Sixth is scary


Most haunted places in Kolkata- Sixth is scary: Kolkata is a city famous for its traditional culture and food. It is one of the best to live in India but it has also some of the most haunted places in India. It is a land full of unknown mystery. Kolkata is a place where people do black magic and it is a land famous for various suspicious activities that have been reported many times by the people. The most haunted places in Kolkata have a history behind, some unknown and some assumed to be real that makes the place too scary to visit.

Most haunted places in Kolkata- Sixth is scary

National Library, Kolkata.

National Library

  National Library is the largest library of India but it is also famous for its unknown paranormal activity. It is being said when people are reading books alone they could hear someone breathing heavily near them. This usually happens when someone doesn’t keep the books where it should be kept. The sound of footsteps is often heard. It is being believed that the ghost is the wife of Lord Metcalfe who keeps roaming in the library to see if it’s being run properly or not.

Howrah Bridge

Kolkata is famous mainly because of the Howrah bridge as this bridge doesn’t have any pillars. It is being said that there is an area under the Howrah Bridge near the Mullick Ghat Flower market where some paranormal activities have been witnessed by many people who said that they have seen a lady wearing white saree and disappearing suddenly.

Nimtaala Shamshaan Ghat

Nimtaala Ghat is one of the oldest burning ghats of Kolkata but it is also a place of several unknown paranormal activities. The aphorism comes to the ghat to perform rites so as to invoke shamshaan kali who is believed to be their reigning duty. The locals say that the name shouldn’t be spoken. The ghat also has a shiv temple and so people are not scared of anything and they go there in huge numbers.


Putulbari, a house of dolls. During old-time wealthy people used this place. They used to abuse young women and some even killed them. After that this place became haunted. It is being said that creepy voices and sound of bangles are also heard many often. Putulbari has been visited by many youths who went there out of curiosity and came back after experiencing many activities that haunt them till date.

South Park Street Cemetery

It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the city and it is also believed as haunted. A group of young boys once visited the cemetery and all of a sudden one of them had an asthma attack. People living in the area don’t open their windows at night because of fear. Many fell ill when they returned home from here.

Rabindra Sarovar Metro station

It is the place where a lot of suicides took place.  The last train is said to be haunted as people have often seen the shadow and sometimes a shadow starts to run with the train. It is being believed that the spirits of those who have committed are wandering in the station.


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