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Fear,a state of mind when your blood pressure rises, you start shivering, you feel scared. All these thing makes your mind disturbed and also you reach a stage where you cannot control yourself at some situations due to fear.Fear of being sidelined, fear of losing and many such pressure which a person feels in his day to day life.But as said, every problem has a solution and same is in the case of fear. One can learn how to overcome fear through many ways and thus help themselves lead a life with positive attitude and self belief.

Overcome Fear.



First and the very much important solution to overcome fear is to stay positive and not lose hope on anything. You might lose,you might make mistakes, but the thing is you should be bold enough to accept the reality and you will see that things will be fine thereafter. Seeing things from a positive mindset makes you capable of accepting the reality and truth. Look for positiveness all around yourself and try being very much positive along with a mind free from negative thoughts. A positive mind helps you deal or fight with fear because you are no longer worried about outcomes but you become more focused on your work. Sometimes people donot work hard because the only thing that keeps on stammering their mind is “what if i fail? ” or “or what if things go the other side?”. These things haunt them and also prevents them from working towards their goal. 



Stay more focused on your goal rather than focusing on *what ifs*.Be detemined that nothing can stop you from getting what you deserve except you.Keep yourself busy with your hardwork so that you donot have time to think of anything else that might create negative atmosphere around you. Focusing on goals will help you in two ways:

Firstly, the mind will be full of positive thoughts.

Secondly, it will help you reach your goal with constant hardwork.

Being determined to reach a mark you need to explain yourself that to what extent you need to work hard to get that and for that you need to prepare yourself in that way.

Stay Focused.


Kindness is the key to self motivation. Being kind to everyone not only makes you a good human being but also helps you attract each and every person you meet and chat with. It helps you gain extra positive attitude and self belief that if you are kind enough, you don’t need to think of what people might think of you and therefore you end up with a positive mindset and belief. 

Kindness is always a key to success as being kind will help you maintain good relation with others and so you have less time for fear to enter into your mind. 




Meditation is always a key to self belief. It helps a person gain mental strength and keep himself focused towards the attainment of his goals. It will help him blow negativity out of his mind and feel fresh and new. Meditation has helped many great personalities reaching great heights. It is the time when a person is free from everything happening around and sets himself focused on what should he work for. It keeps him away from negative vibes and thoughts that might not be good for him.




You must follow your soul in order to do what you wish to. If you wish to do something that has 50% chances of happening and you soul is ready to take the risk, you must not blench. You should carry on doing what your soul asks you to, because if one wants to be successful, he needs to take risk in life no matter what might be the result in the end. 

Fear is a state of mind.


  1. This is really a great post. I really like this very much. You can over come fear with practice, patience and love. As we learn to love our self and others; as we fill our self with love, we will loose our fears. We can learn to face our fears, to openly talk about them, to realize we have more power than the fear does. When we do we will heal and grow a part of us. Take things a step at a time and you will get there. Take Care.

    – Venita
    Contact me @ Panseva


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