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Prevent yourself from clone mobile phone sellers- A popular scam


Prevent yourself from clone mobile phone sellers- A popular scam: Ever been scammed by someone selling a clone mobile phone online of offline? Or you are on the verge of buying a new mobile phone? It’s time to prevent yourself from the scam as it has taken new steps on how to cheat customers by selling them a clone mobile phone and earning from them. We are serving the best ways to prevent yourself from these scams and guide you with a proper way to buy a phone so that you must not regret it later. Therefore it is advisable to take necessary steps before the purchase is made.

Prevent yourself from clone mobile phone sellers- A popular scam

Often people get scammed mostly on Instagram nowadays as they tend to run towards an offer that they find below their budget and end up losing their money or getting a clone mobile phone. Being smart and knowledgable is highly necessary these days.

Half money advance and Half Cash on delivery

The most of the cases that come up is that some pages on Instagram which sell mobile phones who tend to say that the piece is original and they also send some of the screenshots of the satisfied customers(which are their own clients’ chats) as a proof. Like for example, they would ask you to pay an advance of Rs 3,000 for a mobile phone costing Rs 10,000. No sooner will you make the payment and you are blocked by them. You are left with nothing but a loss of Rs 3,000 as you cannot file a complaint because some of us don’t need police interference while some are afraid of our parents.

100% original looking mobile phones

Coming into the time when you actually get a mobile phone. You feel like you are the one who made it in the end and what you have in your hand is the luxurious mobile phone that you had received at such a low cost. But as soon as you go deep into the phone, You will remember everything that you had thought of which might happen and what actually happened with you which left you with a clone mobile phone. The mobile phone might have a fake camera that is different from the original one. For Apple clones, Siri might not be working and so on for other phones whose some of the other features of parts are not the same as the real one.

Looking 100% original can also lead you to this and this is why it is advised to check anything properly and deeply because you will regret when you are left with no option in the end.

Real phones at less rate which they call carding- Biggest scam

Often people come in contact with sellers who term themselves as carders and with carding, they sell original phones at a cheaper rate. This is the best reason to increase their scam because people might think that they do Carding and so this the reason they get the phones for free and then they sell them at a nominal price to the buyers. But the actual truth is that people are not aware of the fact that carding is not that easy that people show. It is way more tough than anyone can imagine. But just the greed of something at a cheaper rate than the original price, we lose our money.

Carding is the hacking of someone’s Credit card and purchasing things that are actually paid by the hacked Credit card. Now you only imagine that is it that easy to hack someone’s credit card and use it for own use?

Seller might send products on your first purchase to gain trust and then scam you

Often some people will send you the goods that you order and literally it can also be the real one. This is just to gain trust so that you will refer to your friends and family and with this he has gained enough customers to scam with and he can ask as much advance he wants because he has become trusted after your purchase and he ends up earning high without a single investment and you will lose friends as well as money.

Following are the points to prevent yourself from scam

  • Report the page if you see that someone has tagged the page and termed it as fraud.
  • See whether the page has its own e-commerce website or not.
  • Have self-control. Don’t take hasty decisions.
  • Never give an advance if it’s a trusted page.
  • Aks for the ID of the seller if you really want to buy.
  • Check whether the followers are bots or real( You can do this just by clicking here and mentioning the username you want to check)


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