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Reliance Jio Update- Now pay 6 paisa/min


Reliance Jio- Now pay 6 paisa/min: The biggest news coming up from the Reliance Telecom Industry where the users with Jio will now have to pay 6paise/min when they make a call to other operating networks. Reliance Jio has started charging for its voice calls made to other telcos operators. It pays its rivals Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea, the termination charges and also is believed that it can bring a tariff rise in the telecom sector. Though it is disheartening for Jio users, but Mukesh Ambani, the owner of the Reliance Jio industry has promised that he would provide the users with additional data so that there is no additional increase in tariffs for its customers.

Reliance Jio Update- Now pay 6 paisa/min

In a statement on Wednesday, Mukesh Ambani, the owner of the Reliance Jio industry has said that Jio is now going to charge 6 paisa/min from its users if they make a call to other operators so as to cover its ICU(Interconnect Usage Charges) it is paying to the other operators on behalf of its 350+ million users. But in addition to that, he said that he would provide extra data so that there is no effective increase in the tariffs.

It is believed and calculated that Reliance Jio has paid nearly 13,497 crore as the ICU(Interconnect Usage Charges) to the other operators and its interconnect cost stood at 847 crores. Jio has decided to recover its interconnect usage charges from its customers with the charges a low as 6 paisa/min and it by no means an excuse to start charging from its customers.

Recently, Trai said that millions of customers still haven’t moved to LTE(VoLTE) as it was expected to lower the cost of generating a call. Reliance Jio could have raised the charges more than 6 paisa/min, but its main focus is on customer addition and so it is believed that the price will not hike in future and Reliance has only made this change so as to recover its IUC charges and nothing else.

It is now a worry for the Vodafone and the Airtel industry as Reliance Jio has not only come forward with the customer addition approach but also debates on the IUC. In no way, they can celebrate the increase in the plans by Reliance Jio.

With this move, it is believed by the Reliance industry that it will put Trai on notice and also IUC would be abolished soon. Vodafone and Ideas’s net IUC receipts accounted for 30% of Ebitda in Q1.

Thus concluding, we should never see this change as Jio’s strategy to start making money from it’s already gained 500+ million customers, but to just pay off the IUC charges which it was paying all by itself since the last few years. Also, it is believed that Jio is going to come up with some good additional plans in the near future to ensure it’s subscribers’ faith on Reliance Jio.



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