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From tourism company to cab services- The rise of Ola cabs


From tourism company to cab services- The rise of Ola cabs: Ola cabs were the first app-based taxi app. It was founded by two IITians, Bhavish Agarwal and Ankit Bhati. Ola cabs were launched on 3rd December 2010 as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai. The idea of making Ola came when Bhavish was left in the middle of a road by a taxi, so he decided to make Ola cabs. That time he understood the problem of travelers, so he took this as an opportunity and decided to build an extraordinary cabs service in India. At first, Bhavish thought of making a tourism company but because of this incident, he decided to make online cab services which he named Ola cabs.

From tourism company to cab services- The rise of Ola cabs

Bhavish Agarwal, The CEO of Ola Cabs.

Things got smoother with time and Ola cabs became successful by removing the gap between the cab driver and commuter just by a touch. Ola company has a partner with drivers and cab owners to offer a variety of app-based cab services in India. Through technology and mind-blowing innovations, the company expanded its service in 50+ cities by 2015. It serves more than 2,00,000 rides per day giving a 24×7 service. The company growth rate was 40% by 2015.

Ola company’s journey was smooth as butter. In 2012 the founder got a warning in the form of website outage. Ankit who was the chief technology officer in Bangalore didn’t have any time. He was awake even the whole night because of so many phone calls and the other one solving the problem in Mumbai. But this did not let them stop and they continued their work. They shifted their base from Mumbai to Bangalore and launched their mobile app and named it Ola cabs because they saw the rising use of smartphone in India. 

In 2015 it launched an Ola fleet, a cab lending arm, which operates as a subsidiary of ANI Technologies Pvt Ltd.  By September 2015 the company was valued at 5 billion$. Then next year it launched another flagship service ola play which became the first connected car platform in the world. This totally changed the experience of the commuters. Later it acquired a homegrown start company named Taxi for sure. Then it launched ola auto too and it is still in the business. 

The company now has services in 111+ cities. It has also started its service in Australia. The company is also backed by Tencent, Microsoft, eBay, and many other famous companies. Life takes such a big turn around as thinking of starting a tourism company turned the minds of the two and they ended up making India’s largest online cab services.


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