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Tips and tricks for Adsense earnings- Totally free and genuine


Tips and tricks for Adsense earnings genuine: There are lots of people who are searching on how to get more out of Adsense, how to complete 100$ in just one month after your Adsense approval, how to generate more out of Adnsese because you have got lots of stuff to buy. But Adsense is not that easy that it looks. Even after your Adsense approval, the journey with Adsense starts off fresh and new. The previous posts and views matter but to a certain extent. Nowadays Adsense is more about your content and your SEO, both on-page and off-page. You have to settle in this industry first and then think of earning. In order to get more out of adsense, you need patience and you will have to keep the important points in mind.

Tips and tricks for Adsense earnings- Totally free and genuine

Following are the tips and tricks that will help you genuinely get more out of Adsense are survive in the long run.

Catchy titles

If you write articles based on categories and subcategories, it’s well and good because you tend to write viral news and there can be so many catchy titles for your post. But if you focus on a single niche like Blogging, YouTube, Sports or Motivational speaking, then you have to have a catchy title that forces people to open your article and spend some time because if they just bounce off, your website will not work in the long run. Start writing articles that force the readers to go through paragraphs one after the other. Dig into what people want in your article or what are the questions that have to be answered in the article.

Proper use of heading and subheading

In order to make our article look fancy, we often forget the SEO. We should make proper use of the heading and the subheadings along with the title. This will help the google bot in identifying your site as quickly as possible and it will help you rank higher. It will help the google bot to find your site and examine it thoroughly. Therefore do not try to make your website look fancy. People want a simple, easy to read article in which they can get the answer to their queries and questions.

Keyword research

Now when this comes, we often think of spending money to buy Ahrefs tool or any other so as to get the keywords that can rank higher. But you would be surprised to see that Ubersuggest is the same tool free of cost for you. You can search keywords of your competitors here and the result is 70-80% accurate. Therefore why waste money when Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is there for you? Sign in to Ubersuggest now and start exploring sites and their keywords that rank. Ubersuggest will also show you the SEO difficulty of the keyword which can help you. If the SEO difficulty is less than 50, you can go for that keyword. This is how you can search for free keywords and also see your competitor’s site’s keywords.

Proper meta description

Sometimes people do not have much time to open your article and go through it rather they just read the meta description where if they see that they might get what they want, they will read the whole article so as to find the answer for their queries. Therefore if the meta description is catchy and will help people, you will surely gain many visitors and also those visitors who will not bounce off. This is quite a difficult thing as your meta description has to be very much catchy which can bring lots of new visitors to your site. Just like an example, you wrote an article “ HOW TO GET YOUR ADSENSE APPROVED?” so the meta description that should hit your mind has to be somewhat like “What’s better than getting your Adsense approved with just 15 posts? We have got the free tricks for your Adsense approval“.

Proper audience

The article should be properly shared among people. It is the biggest factor for your article as to whom you are sharing it. If one person is a technology lover, share him the articles that you wrote which are related to tech and not to the person who takes interest in motivational speaking. Therefore it is important to know the proper audience for your niche so at to keep your bounce rate nominal. Share your articles properly and examine the bounce rate. If you write articles on many niches, distribute your audience so that you can share your articles accordingly.

See you can never survive in this field if you do not have patience. Everyone knows that 3-4 months is a big span and you want to earn fast, but if you love this work then only it will give you what you want. If you do your work honestly and happily, you will see how quickly those 3-4 months have passed and you have already come very far.



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