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Two Ford cars which ruled the automobile market


Two Ford cars which ruled the automobile market: Who doesn’t know about Ford Motors? Billions of emotions are attached to this company. From Taxis to Sports cars, Ford has been excellent in the field of automobiles. It all started in 1908, it became the first car company in the world for masses. The founder of Ford Motors was Henry Ford. The first car was the T model. The company wanted to make huge waves so it decided to manufacture sports cars and SUVs. The 2 best cars of Ford are the Mustang and the Endeavour which helped the company move to a higher level in the market.

Two Ford cars which ruled the automobile market

Ford Mustang and Ford Endeavour.

Ford Mustang

The first generation of Ford Mustang was built in 1964 but the Mustang took the pace from 1967 with the car commonly known as fastback. The car was 335 hp which was way ahead of its time. The company took 50 years to bring the iconic Mustang in India. The car is so gorgeous. The Indian version of this car is 5litre V8engine that delivers 401 ps of power and 515 nm torque. The power sent through the rear is by 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

This car had a mileage of 13kmpl and it had a huge engine of 4951cc. It can go 0 to 100 in 5 seconds and has a curb weight of 1770kg. It also has traction control and anti-lock braking system. Fog lamps are also provided in the car. It has a multi-functional steering wheel driver and also has airbags for the driver and the passengers. It has 8 cylinders and has a top speed of 250KMpH. It has a ground clearance of 137mm and a wheelbase of 1391mm.

Ford Endeavour- SUV

Ford Endeavour is one of the best SUVs in the segment as it can tackle any road. This giant SUV is also giant on roads as it can go anywhere. Packed with so many features, it is equipped with the most awarded engine 3.2l TDCI Diesel engine. The car gives a mileage up to 14kmpl  and has a tremendous seating capacity of 7 people. The base variant of the engine is 2198cc and the top model has 3198cc. It comes with both Manual and Automatic transmission.

The top model of Ford Endeavour has an all-wheel drive and is powered by 197bhp of horses. It has a torque of 470NM and a fuel tank of 80litres. The car has power steering, anti-lock braking system. It has driver airbag as well as passenger airbags. It also has a multi-functional steering wheel. It also has 5 cylinders and valve configuration is powered by DOHC. It has a top speed of 170KMpH. It has a ground clearance of 225mm.

Ford Motors make quality cars. They have a cult all over the world and Mustang and Endeavor are the best cars which Ford has made and its fan following are obviously very much high.



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