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The Biopic of Virat Kohli- Virat Kohli Movie Cast


The Biopic of Virat Kohli- Virat Kohli Movie Cast: The biggest hit movie would be when the Biopic of Virat Kohli would be released. The inspiration of millions of people who have impressed everyone with his game as well as with his personality too. The biopic of Virat Kohli will undoubtedly overtake all the box office collections till date. Fans would love to see Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma themselves performing in the movie. But if this is not possible, we have got the suggested cast for the movie. The Virat Kohli movie cast would be very much important to decide and the roles to be assigned.

The Biopic of Virat Kohli- Virat Kohli Movie Cast

Biopic of Virat Kohli
Biopic of Virat Kohli

There will be a lot of actors and actresses who would be examined to perform the roles for the Virat Kohli movie cast. The following actors and actresses are suggested after analyzing their performance in movies:

Varun Dhawan as Virat Kohli

Maintaining good relations with Virat Kohli, Varun Dhawan knows Virat Kohli personally and knows how he lives his daily life. Varun Dhawan has already worked in so many of the hit movies that he has gained a lot of experience. He will ready to play Virat Kohli in his Biopic. Varun has got all the characters in him. At times he is serious, at times he is in a comedian and this is what is needed to perform Virat Kohli. Recently Varun Dhawan has shared a picture on social media where to set his beard along with Virat Kohli. HE would suit to play the role of the man himself.

Disha Patani as Anuskha Sharma

Already played a role in a cricketer’s biopic, Disha Patani would best suit as Anuskha Sharma. She has the experience of the biopic of the Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. So, she would be the best choice to play Anuskha in the biopic of the current Indian cricket team captain. She is also slim like Anuskha and is also very much concerned about fitness like Virat Kohli and Anuskha Sharma.

An actress in the making, Disha Patani is gradually increasing her fans with her skills and personality. The first choice should be her to play the role of Anushka in the movie.

Jaya Bachan as Virat Kohli’s mother

Not only Jaya Bachan is a famous actress but she also has a face similar to Virat Kohli’s mother. Therefore she would fit perfect for the role of Virat’s mother. Even we also never see Virat’s mother talking too much. Jaya Bachan would be the perfect one to play the role. She could help the movie hit the box office earnings from the day of its release.

Rajesh Sharma as Virat Kohli’s father

The person who played the role of Banerjee sir in the biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Rajesh Sharma would be the best one to play as Virat Kohli’s father. We have seen Rajesh Sharma being very serious when it comes to cricket. He looked like a very hard-working coach in the movie. So he would suit the best for the role of Virat Kohli’s father who loved cricket very much.

The suggested cast would probably suit the best for the movie but there can be changes. Totally depending on the analysis and performance of other actors and actresses.


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