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Virat Kohli- The secret to consistency


Virat Kohli- The secret to consistency: The consistent performer for the Indian cricket team, the captain popular as “The Run Machine” has done it once again for his country as he smashed 254* against South Africa in Pune, Maharastra today. The Virat Kohli led Indian Cricket Team has completed the day with a total of 601/5 declared and restricted South Africa to 36/3. Virat Kohli smashed 254* off just 336 deliveries completing his 200 runs for the 7th time in test cricket. The bold and strong captain feared no bowler and showed no mercy to any bowler rather he stayed at his best and smashed them for boundaries. He could have completed his triple century but he thought for the team first and declared just before the day ended and the bowlers did the rest of the job for the day.

Virat Kohli- The secret to consistency

The secret to Virat Kohli‘s consistency is not dependant on just one factor, rather it is distributed to every aspect in his life. The way he maintains his diet, the way he practices, etc. The following are the important aspects that keep him consistent in any field he steps out.

Virat Kohli is very punctual with his time schedule

Be it practice or be it an event, Virat Kohli is very punctual with the time schedule he makes for the ay. He is never late for any of his practices be it an important meeting or an event. he shows that even if you are the best player in the whole world, you should be punctual towards your passion and should always set a positive example for others. Though you might be late sometime, that should not be intentional rather you should promise yourself to be punctual towards your passion and work.

Being very polite with everyone

The best quality that defines Virat Kohli is his generosity toward the normal public. he is very generous and polite with everyone around him, be his fans or his teammates. Obviously news prevails that Virat Kohli is very much arrogant toward the media sometimes, but it should also be seen that the questions asked by media sometimes are unanswerable ni public and they get paid for their word and they want him to speak something that can go viral in the media and can generate good revenue to the media industry. But apart from this when he is in a good mood, he is very generous towards his fans and other people. The pressure of captaincy can’t be felt from sitting at home rather the captain knows what it takes to win matches for 124 crore Indians who sit with high hopes to watch their players play.

Virat Kohli’s two hours and four hours of gym

Might not everyone know this but Virat Kohli has different schedules and time slots for his gym sessions. When is not on any cricket tour, he does 4 hours of gym(that is obviously shocking) with 2 hours divided. When he is on tour, he generally does gymming for two or one and a half hours because of the matches he is about to play during the tours and that needs stamina. Virat has his running sessions along with gym which boosts his stamina and the results could be seen while he converts those singles into doubles in no time.

Diet plan of Virat Kohli

During the episode of Breakfast With Champions, Virat Kohli revealed the much-awaited diet chart which was being searched by his fans every now and then. He spoke of having bread with peanut butter in the morning along with omelets along with spinach black pepper cheese. some grilled bacon or smoked salmon. He loves papaya in fruits. He eats a decent amount of cheese for good fat. he caries his own nut butter to the hotels. In his lunch, he usually has grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach, veggies and for dinner, he usually has seafood. Isn’t it the best diet chart one has read?

The funny side of Virat Kohli

Every person who has excelled and is a master in the field he has stepped in is termed as a person who never talks much and always stays serious and thinks about something big. But one who knows Virat Kohli personally will never speak of him being serious all the time and thinking of cricket when they are at a party or a holiday. He is the most fun-loving guy in the team along with the company of Hardik Pandya who joins him in his fun. He said that he plays Punjabi music in the dressing room and so that the environment in the dressing room stays lively. He is the culprit behind the famous nicknames of cricketers which their fans use for them.

It is not so that practice makes a man perfect. Perfect practice makes a man perfect in any field. Just like Virat Kohli, one who wants to excel in the field he steps in should be focused on what’s ahead and not what’s gone. One should not start getting serious in life. Let life be an adventure for you and you will start exploring the best out of it.


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