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When Virat Kohli kissed Wriddhiman Saha


When Virat Kohli kissed Wriddhiman Saha: Who could miss the wicket-keeping of the pride of Bengal “Wriddhiman Saha” who has been the best in the business for Team India in test cricket since the day he joined the team. Taking spectacular catches on a daily basis has become a cup of tea for Saha. He never misses a chance to impress the selectors with his wicket-keeping whee he puts all of his efforts. Popular as the Flying Bengali, Wriddhiman Saha is the next big thing in the field of wicket-keeping. He has struggled this year with his injury and had to put up a surgery so as to come back in action. The fans have gone crazy when hey saw Virat Kohli kissing Wriddhiman Saha’s forehead after his tremendous skills in wicket-keeping and handing victory to team India.

When Virat Kohli kissed Wriddhiman Saha

The star in wicket-keeping has taken two spectacular catches in the match against South Africa. He says that the struggles he has faced has made him stronger and made him believe in himself. Virat Kohli said that Saha was quite nervous after he made a comeback into the team but he was very much familiar with the environment since the second test. The two spectacular catches define how much Wriddhiman Saha has been working on his fitness and mental strength in order to come back stronger and better. Watch the catch here: CLICK HERE

Virat Kohli termed Wriddhiman Saha as the best wicket-keeper in the world at the current moment and Saha justified it by yet another splendid performance in the match. A kiss from the captain to Saha has gone crazy on the internet today. Who doesn’t want their captain to be happy with their performance and when it’s two best catches in a single innings, who needs more than this? out of a test match against the most aggressive side.

Wriddhiman Saha reveals his secret behind such a flexible body because of which he was able to give his best. He said that Shami, Ishant, and Bumrah help him with both side swings as Shami is better at reverse swings and they practice it a lot during the practice sessions where Saha grabs it from behind the stumps. SEE HERE FOR ONE MORE SPECTACULAR CATCH.

He has trained during his off time under the supervision of one of the best wicket-keeper in India, Ajay Ratra at the National Cricket Academy, Bangalore so that he can have more out of his skills and can come back harder and stronger. Wriddhiman Saha is not only the favorite of Virat Kohli because of his skills but he is a true gentleman on the other side. He is very polite with his way of taking and is very generous towards everyone be it someone young or older than him. That makes him the best person besides the best wicket-keeper.

Obviously the kiss of happiness from the Captain would encourage Saha to work more and more on his skills and would in no way make anyon feel the absence of Mahendra Sigh Dhoni behind the stumps.



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