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List Of Top Five Best Earphones Under 500


Earphones are a necessity in one’s life. We want earphones for each and every purpose be it calling, listening to music. Because of this, there are varieties of earphones ranging from low to high as per one’s budget. So, in order to get the best earphones under 500, one has to be very picky and should know what are the necessary requirement in order to choose an earphone that lasts longer in low budget.

The list of best earphones under 500 is given below:

One of the best earphones under 500: Anti Audio Wave 702

Best eaerphones under 500: Ant-Audio Wave 702
Ant-Audio Wave 702

The sound quality of this is beyond functionality when it comes to buying your best earphones under 500. The Anti Audio Wave 702 is one of the earphones providing OK bass and good sound quality. There is a single button remote. These are among best earphones under 500 with a mic. A single press in the in-line remote solitary button which will answer Calls and also play the music. You can also trigger Siri or Google assistant with multiple buttons pressing. 

The earphones come under four different colours red, blue, black or yellow. The dual colour design looks very interesting and gives a splash of colours to the best earphones.

The earphones have also got the ad audio logo on the back of the casings which makes it the best design brand logo in this segment. The earphone looks good when you wear them and one might get impressed with the functionality and the design of the earphones within the price range.

These earphones come in an interesting box which can be used to store them and it also includes some silicon ear tips and they also have a sensitivity rating of 90 dB.

Overall the performance is quite good because the Anti Audio Wave 702 has an extra bass but obviously the base isn’t as good as the higher price ranging earphones. But these are surely one of the best earphones under 500 when it comes to budget and quality.

Portronics Conch 204

Best earphones under 500: Portronics Conch 204
Portronics Conch 204

The Portronics Conch 204 gives you amazing quality at a cheaper price. The Conch 204 is good in-ear and there is a tight seal which is also very important for good sound quality. It has soft silicone earbuds that form a comfortable seal and can give you a great bass, in fact, noise cancellation and a perfect fit for wearing these earphones even while you are moving. It also has a built-in high-quality microphone for calls. You will have a clear high-quality conversation which will be making it one of the best earphones under 500.

The design of these earphones is one of the best when it comes to earphones at a cheap rate. This also gives a sense of premium quality. There are two speaker drivers of 8mm each and it delivers a decent bass. The base may vary but the earphone gives an overall pleasant sound output.

The Portronics Conch 204 gives you great sound clarity and also comfort on wearing and convenient call controls and also a good noise cancellation in-built.

Mi basic: best earphones under 500

best earphones under 500: Mi Basic
Mi Basic

When it comes to best earphones under 500 this is the one that everyone expects and the market is flooded with a large number of sales of these earphones.

The design and comfort are the same as one expects from Xiaomi and these earphones are entirely made out of plastic. The build quality is actually quite impressive and the high-quality TP surround is near the 3.5 mm plug and earpieces. The cable is braided in Kevlar fibre which makes it look premium and also prevents it from tackling.

While most earphones in this price range do not provide a proper bass, the bass response on the Mi earphones is restrained. That is why these are the most sold earphones under 500.

Independence is a bit high. People wanted to use earphones with smartphones. The onboard microphone has a 50 8dBA signal which is of a high-quality and you will experience no issues when you are on a call.

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94
Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94

These earphones might be a newcomer into the market. One would be suspicious about any new thing that comes into the market. When you give it a try, the sound quality is really good. One might get impressed with the sound quality and bass. The built-in quality is as expected from any earphone under 500.

The tangled-free wires and not flat cable are the one that adds premium quality to the earphones. There is crisp and clear sound with medium pace. One must not expect heavy bass. The vocals are not the best but obviously decent. These earphones can also be compared to Mi basics and others to choose the best earphones under 500.

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop
Boult Audio BassBuds Loop

The boult company is one of the trusted company is well it comes to buying electronics. The boult audio bass loop comes with a mic and deep bass HD sound with noise cancellation and customisable ear loop.

You can answer or reject calls with the in-line controls, play or pause the music. The aerospace-grade alloy drivers give it the best acoustics and also give it good bass with 3D sound. The earphones fit perfectly while running hiking cycling etc. You can also use it for HD calls, Siri or Google Assistant voice commands. It works with both iOS or Bluetooth. Probably one among the best earphones under 500.

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