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How to stay fit- Fitness tips


How to stay fit- Fitness tips: In today’s world, the health sector is the fastest-growing sector in the world. Advancement in science has helped the way people have started to live with ease but in today’s world, more than 80% of the population is under some sort of medication. Due to the busy schedule, people are not giving time to their health. An increase in vehicles lead to the downfall of humans health. There is a famous saying “Health is wealth”. So everything in life is all about health. Healthier the person, happier the person. Due to busy schedules, people don’t have time to get a gym membership and stay fit. So for them, we have some motivation to hit the gym or freehand exercises in order to stay fit.

How to stay fit- Fitness tips

The following are the fitness exercises one should follow regularly in order to stay fit:

  • Upper body fitness- pushup 3 sets of 10, close grip pushup 3sets of 10, wide grip pushup 3 sets of 10, diamond pushup 3 sets of 10, clap pushup 3 sets of 8, knuckle pushups 3 sets of10 ( any three )
  • Core-  Plank 30 seconds of 3 set, side plank 30seconds of 3sets, reverse crunch 3 sets of 20, leg raise 3 sets of15, v-ups 3 sets of 15, bicycle crunch 3 sets of 20 ( plank and crunches any 2)
  • Lower body fitness- squats 3 sets of 20, calf raise 3 sets of 25, squats jump 3 sets of 20, lunges 3 sets of 20, side lunges 3 sets of 20. (any 4)
  • Cardio- jumping jack sets of 20, jogging in place 3 sets of 30, burpees 3 sets of 15 (any 2)

What will fitness bring to you?

What fitness will bring to you is a good body posture and a physique that will inspire others and they would be very much shocked at the transformation. Your physique is the first step towards success as it is said: “If you stay fit, you can achieve what you want”. If you have good stamina, you can run faster and for longer. You have to build yourself up and stay fit so as to show the world that nothing is impossible. Running for 2 to 3 kilometers daily without fail is always beneficial. Remember you are the creator of your physique and you are the only one who will have to look after it.

Why mental Health for fitness?

Your mental health has to be the first priority for your fitness because when your brain is in a position when you can control it at times, you can always take yourself to a position where you want. Mental health will bring calmness in pressure situations and will help you on a daily basis in order to stay fit and healthy. You will start feeling that you are not the same person who used to overthink, overreact, and is overconfident anymore. You will create a sense of understanding and will start feeling fresh every time. Remember, morning mental exercises are a chance to conquer the day.

How to stay fit with a busy schedule?

Many of us have a busy schedule throughout the day because which we don’t get time for our body. So in order to maintain our fitness, what we should do is to wake up early so that we have ample of time for ourselves. Remember it’s not always about hitting the gym to stay fit but we should concentrate more on freehand exercises for our fitness. 30 minutes of freehand exercising will not only help you in maintaining good health but will energize you more with each passing day.

Why Yoga for fitness?

Yoga is the biggest factor for every person who wants to be physically and mentally fit. It will enrich your thoughts and will bring you to a position where you will feel secure with your thoughts and will start growing and enhancing yourself gradually. Your thinking process and fitness will start growing and expanding. Some Yogas that can change you both mentally and physically are given below:

  • Vrikshashana.
  • Naukasana.
  • Adho Muko Svanasana.
  • Kursiasana.
  • Tadasana.
  • Bhujangasana.
  • Trikonasana.



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