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Importance of running- Motivation


Importance of running- Motivation: We are sure of the fact that most of people never liked running in the early morning. Most of the big businessmen never wanted to run the sit out them for like 2 km a day. No one cares about running as a part of one’s daily routine. But it is the one thing that will never let you down and will help you grow physically and also mentally. Running is never important to people who have day-to-day work or people who have a busy schedule all throughout the day. One only takes running seriously where they wan to lose a bit of calories but no one knows what running might give you in the future. The age will come when people would be complaining of pains in their legs and you are somewhere completing your 10 km for the day.

Importance of running- Motivation

Every morning in Africa a Gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the Lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle – when the sun comes up, you must run. You will get one shot at life and grab it like AWM. Take those hits and setbacks and turn them into glory. What PUBG has taught us is that “You do not have to be a pro to get started, rather you have to get started to be a pro“.

Running changes a person’s mindset. Not only running helps us being physically fit but also mentally. Running is an activity where the question is being answered. Where steps turn into miles. It is a constant battle of unwanted thoughts coming into the mind. It looks so easy, one foot into the other but still it so difficult. Unwanted thoughts always keep coming into the mind during running. Running is a place where we can see how much a person can endure physically and mentally. It is a constant battle with oneself.

Running helps people to adopt changes in any situation because when we are running downhill we have to run slow and when we are running uphill we have to speed. Running is “we get what we give”. The more effort we give the faster and longer we run. We don’t have to learn science on how to run, just constant effort of pushing and proper breathing will help in running long distances.

 The longer we run more the body pains. During running, legs, shoulder, back, and stomach, everything would pain after a certain miles but if we just ignore the pain and concentrate only on breathing, we will able to run as long as we want. What running teaches us that many times in life unwanted thoughts would creep into our mind but we must ignore these thoughts and keep doing the work.

There is no place for excuses in running. One can keep running as long as they want. If one can control their mind they can run for long distances and the mind is like water, it goes where the thoughts go, so keep checking the thoughts and concentrate on running because on the other side there is a better version of you which has to be achieved. One day you will be proud of yourself of what running has changed in your life. Speed doesn’t matter even if you’re going slowly becuase “BE SLOW BUT BE SURE”. Every second counts so keep running and get all your questions about life answered through running. It is said “NO GUTS, NO GLORY. NO SUCCESS, NO STORY.



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